Saturday 24 October 2015

Saturday's Mani

Stamping and Water Decals 

Hello all, hope I find you well this Saturday. Have you anything planned this weekend?  Me..a nice quiet one for a change and I'm patiently waiting for the Austin Formula 1, hoping it's not cancelled by Hurricane Patricia. Saying this to any American followers..Stay safe.
So onto today's nails. I had no clue what to do and was looking at my photos on IG for inspiration. A while back I did a pink gradient, stamped with writing and rose water decals. I liked this so much and also wanted to do something other than a Halloween mani, I recreated it in purple.

So started with a purple and white gradient, and used Pueen 113 and Pretty Black Polish to stamp the writing. You can also the the flower decals I will be using.

I applied the decals to the tip of each nail and top coated.

Super pretty and just how I wanted my manicure to look, even if it's not seasonal.
Have a great weekend and as always stay safe and much love....