Saturday 3 May 2014

Nail Foil Review

Rainbow Nails Foils

Hello all and here we are again with another Bank Holiday Weekend! Today I have a review of 10 nail foils that I recently purchased from ebay. After doing a guest blog post for Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes and using nail foil for the first time in ages, it really got me into using nail foils again. Now I do have a vast selection of foils but wanted to try some new and different designs. I was searching through ebay and came across these 10 at a fab price, delivery was nice and quick too! 

Uptown Glamour, Soho Silver, Big Apple Red, Metallic Burgundy, Green with Envy and Azure.
They seemed thinner than the foils I have already and I was dubious that they would actually work. So I have used all 10, one on each nail! So after base coat I decided what foil for what nail and painting my nail with a contrasting colour.

I rainbowed my thumb nails as the foil is also a rainbow. You use a similar colour polish to the foil so if any foil doesn't stick it wont notice as much.

Once the nail glue had dried I stuck the foil and rubbed over each nail, working on one at a time. I'm happy to say they work, and work well :)

I like them all but I have to say my favourite id the black lace flower. Do you have a favourite?
Now topcoat can ruin foil by making it crack, it is some trial and error to find one that works well with nail foil. I used Beauty UK topcoat as a test and here's what happened...

It cracked and distorted some more than others. The black lace flower doesn't notice as much and I think that's because of the pattern. The pink totally changed colour! The red pattern seemed to smudge and the others just cracked slightly. So when I use these and my other foils I will try another topcoat and keep going to see if there is one that doesn't ruined the foil's finished look. If you already know of a topcoat that works I'd love to know, so please tell me in the comments.
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)
Stay safe and much love...