Friday 16 May 2014

Friday's Water Marble

Colour Changing Water Marble

Yay its Friday! And the last water marble of the week. After yesterday's holographic I knew it would take something special to top it, and believe me when I say this one does not disappoint. Thermal/Mood polish is a clever polish that changes depending on your body heat. I only have 2 brands of mood polish, Miss Match and Mood Struck. The Miss Match were the ones that water marbled the best. 

Pink Mood and Aquamarine

Alone these polishes look so pretty, but water marbled together they look awesome! A simple half flower design on each nail, again over a white base.

Somehow I managed to dent the thumb nail :(  And in the photo below you can see how the tips of my nails are darker to the bottom :)

This polish also deserved a video..

Well I hope you've enjoyed my week in Water Marbling. I would love to see your water marbled mani's, feel free to post them on my facebook page, Nutty about Nails and Polish.
Have a great Friday, enjoy this lovely weather and as always stay safe and much love..


  1. These look so amazing! I've never heard of mood polishes before I might have to do some investigating


    1. Thank you :) I got these from ebay and I would so recommend them :) x

  2. Amazing idea, it looks gorgeous ! *___*

  3. Thanks for your review of the Miss Match aquamarine and jungle. I won an auction for a group of the Miss Match and the Sunvision a few weeks ago. I tried to use the aquamarine last night but I found to my dismay that it clumped at the tip of my nails and it looked like it had fibers in it. The seller stated that they were selling the group of polishes because while they were new the brushes were damaged.I tried it on one nail when the polishes arrived and the colour was pretty. I think part of the brush fell into the bottle. I took off the aquamarine and tried Bora Bora. The colour looks nice and I'm enjoying watch it change from light green to dark green. The aquamarine looks great here. Thanks again for your review. It's hard to know what the polish is like from a ruined bottle and a bottle with a brush that is misshaped. I've decided to buy some more shades of Miss Match from Amazon.

    1. Thank you glad you found it helpful. Mine were aslo from winning an auction on ebay and again the seller had said the brushes were bent. Its still possible to paint with them, and they are nice polishes just a bit stinky x