Monday 5 May 2014

Sheer Tint Nails Again!

Lingerie Nails

Me again! What a busy Bank Holiday Weekend it been, as I don't normally do my nails this many times. Again with a manicure I have seen floating around the internet, but can't find it anymore, so I can't take the credit for this as it's inspired by the picture I've seen.
A while back I bought Miss Sporty 'Goth Me Up' black polish, and today is the first time I've used it! I didn't realise at the time of buying it that its a sheer tint black polish. This is two coats over my normal two base coats.

 As you can see you can still make out the tips of my nails, one coat wasn't enough for the effect I was after, two seem the right look. I was going to try a third coat but didn't want it to look too dark so just stayed with the two. Then using another Miss Sporty polish in Black I added polka dots to each nail.

Added my normal Sally Hansen topcoat and looks awesome nice and glossy, but I might change it and add a matte topcoat. If I do I will post another photo here :)

Added a Matte topcoat. Which do you prefer...glossy or matte?

I'm loving this look, what do you think? Thanks for reading :)
Stay safe and much love..

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