Wednesday 14 May 2014

Water Marble Day 3

Glitter Tip Water Marble

Hello and happy mid week to you all! I have another water marble nail art to share again, but today I have done something a bit different. Not only tapping my fingers around the nails to save on clean up whilst water marbling, but I taped a section of my nails too. These are the polishes I used..

I used La Femme White and Filthy Gorgeous Tea Bird for a blue and white water marble, I taped the tip of each nail at an angle so no water marble design would show, and painted each tip first with Gosh Holographic, then with Claire's Silver Holo Glitter. An easy but very effective and different look to water marbling.

Very Summery and just perfect as (touch wood) the weather is looking nice for the rest of the week! I think the silver holo goes so well with the beautiful blue and white. Hope you like this look, and if you ever do any water marbles I would love to see them. Feel free to post them on my Facebook page. Also just to let you all know the 26 page PDF download for my book on 'The Art to Water Marbling Nails' is £3. The flip style book is also still available. If you would like a copy please private message me on either my facebook page or on my personal page.

Till tomorrow, stay safe and much love..

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