Wednesday 30 April 2014

Pink for Wedneday

On Wednesday's we wear Pink

Hello friends, I have found the time to paint my nails again! Today is the 10th anniversary of the film Mean Girls, and to celebrate this today (as its also a Wednesday) is being called 'On Wednesday's we wear Pink'. I have seen the film loads and watched it the other night with my daughter without even realising how long ago it was made! So for my Pink nails I had sided with the 'Plastics!' Wearing a super bright almost neon Barbie pink, an untried and fairly new purchase from Sinful Colours called 24/7. I loved the colour in the bottle when I saw it in Boots, and as they were on 3 for 2 I could resist. So here it is, two coats over white and no topcoat..

The sun took the brightness away from the true colour!

In the shade wasn't much better even though it still looks a pretty pink.

My camera on my phone managed to capture the truest shade but still not a perfect match.

Please excuse the slice on the side of my thumb (due to bookmaking!) Dried with an almost matte finish as still not topcoated, and I'm not normally one to leave my nails plain but I love this colour so much I will not be adding anything to them! If you love pink nail polish and haven't got this one I would totally recommend you get it..
Thanks for reading and till next time stay safe and much love.

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