Tuesday 6 May 2014

Nails Inc with Instyle Mag

Nails Inc Water Marble

Its been a while since I did a water marble manicure! So I thought I'd do one today using the Nails Inc polish I got last week that were free with Instyle Magazine. I was only planning to get the pink, but as Tesco were doing a great special offer I bought all three :) Glad I did as they are all beautiful in their own way.

Copacabana Coral, Sao Paulo Streets and Sugarloaf Sunset
So onto the water marble, I drew a flower in the polish then spiked the edge of the petals, then dipped my white base painted and taped nails. These polishes worked and spread so well in the water :)

Then I added my own made holo topcoat.  It looks like the holo lightened the water marble but it hasn't, the sun was so bright when I took these photos, and the first two were taken outside but no sun.

I like all these Nails Inc polishes, did you get any? Try water marbling with them and feel free to post any pics on my facebook page Nutty about Nails and Polish. 
I have now made a PDF downloadable link for my book as well as making the flip style one. PM me on facebook if you are interested.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and much love..

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