Saturday 31 May 2014

Sellotape striped nails

Neon and Black Nails

Hello all again, hope you are well. For today's nails I wanted something quick and easy, but also different. As I will have a very special blog post on Monday, that is all very secret at the moment!!  I have done a manicure before using sellotape and thought I'd try it again, but different to the last time. It can be tricky using sellotape to tape off part of your nails, but the end result is so worthwhile! But also for this your base polish must be completely dry, so I painted my nails yesterday ready for today. I used Revlon doubled ended White and Neon polish, in these colours.

Used the white as a base, to make the neon 'pop' more, then painted each nail a different colour.

I cut the tape into squares, then each square in half to make 2 triangles, making sure at least one end had a sharp point. I stuck 3 or 4 pieces to each nail to make a random triangle pattern, be it on the tip, the side or bottom of the nail. Then used Nails.Inc Kate Spade New York Noir and painted over the nail. While the polish was wet I carefully removed the tape.....and this is the end result..

Even my Cinderella hand! :)

Topcoat and done :) Love this as its so bright and colourful. What do you think?
Remember to come back here on Monday as I will have a very exciting blog post that I know you wouldn't want to miss....
So till then, stay safe and much love..

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