Wednesday 7 May 2014

Fan Brush Nails

Striped Nails

Hey everyone, well after rocking two different mani on my nails, the water marble from yesterday and the lingerie nails from the other day, I thought I'd best change them and do something that matches. I wanted something quick and easy as I wasn't really planning on doing my nails again. What I have done can be done in any colours and is to effective, and all you need is a fan brush and acrylic paint. 
For my base polish I used a Primark polish in a very pretty baby blue.

With pink and white acrylic paint and my fan brush, I side swiped my nails with the pink paint first then the white. From each side of my nails to the middle, so the blue polish would still show.

This is so easy to do and the paint dries so quick as its only thin stripes. Its also amazing how it looks so nice just painted, but once you add a top coat it smooths the paint and brings it more to life! I will definitely be trying this again with different colours. If you like this and want to try I would love to see your photos, feel free to post then on my facebook page :) 

Stay safe and much love..

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