Tuesday 20 May 2014

MoYou Nails Review

MoYou Nails Stamping Review

Hello again, I'm here with another review, this time on stamping plates, polish and bits from MoYou Nails. I was contacted by Selina of MoYou Nails asking if I was interested in doing a review for them. I had the choice of stamping polish, and had a selection of round plates to choose 2 from, and was also sent a stamper, scraper and their new Summer 2014 catalogue, which is awesome, and so many new plates coming out :) as well as the stamping sets they sell and a nice range of stamping polishes.

This is what I was sent to review..

All plastic scraper, better for plates as it don't scratch them, and nice size stamper, black polish and plates 101 and 107. Owls and faces on 101 and flowers and swirls on 107.

Nice protective backing on these plates.

And the blue film to protect plate from scratches, that you remove before using.

So how well the polish work and how well did the scraper and image stamp on the stamper??

Nice thick polish in a thin layer over the image.

Plastic scraper removed the excess polish really well.

Just look how solid black and how clean and crisp the flower design is on the stamper.
And onto my nails....just awesome, take a look..

I love this plate and all the images on it, the black over the red is very sexy looking :)
Plate 101 is out of my comfort zone for images, but I did like the faces on it.

The owls are cute and I love the googly eyes!

So my overall thoughts on all these bits are, the polish works really well, very bold images clean and crisp too. The scraper removes the excess polish good without scratching the plate, and the stamper picks the image up from the plate nicely. The plates are etched very well so each design looks really nice.
You can follow Moyou Nails on Facebook, email and purchase from them directly on their website at very reasonable prices for plate, polish and accessories.

All these products were sent to me for a honest review.

Stay safe and much love..


  1. Cute! :) .. & You chose the same two plates to review as I did ;) *hi 5*

    1. :) *hi 5* back at ya lol can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. Very cute, lovely nails Trace x

  3. I love your thumb design and the all over girly mani is gorgeous! I have to say very impressed with how crisp that black is looking... maybe I will try this next time I run out of my Konad.

    1. Thanks Charlie, I want to try the white now I know the black works so well. To me better than konad x

  4. I have a stensils nail plate from another brand but the idea is the same, just different designs. I like how yours look so neatly on your nails, mine were just a big mess. I need more (a lot of) practice ;)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc,bloglovin), just let me know. xx Maja