Monday 12 May 2014

Austin Powers inspired Water Marble

Psychedelic....Yeah Baby!

Hey all, time to start another week! Hope you all had a great weekend. After all the water marbles I did for my book, I wanted to do some more! I am planning on doing a different water marble everyday this week, and was going to do one big blog post on Friday, but as I would be posting my photos on Facebook, I have decided to do a small(ish) post everyday for each one. I did ask on my post on Facebook what colours or designs anyone would like to see, and got a few comments. So the first one for today I have done an Austin Powers inspired water marble, and added a free hand nail art twist.

For the marble itself it took a while to find the right colours, but when I did they look great together. Heres what I used..

Lemon Zest, Jelly Bean, Crush, Grass Slipper and Wild Thing.

And heres the water marble, over a white base.

I was going to leave them like this, but wanted to add something extra, so opted to add some freehand painted white daisy's using acrylic paint. Without topcoat.

With topcoat..

1960's flower power! Love how this turned out, its so sad that I will be taking it off to do another marble tomorrow. Would really love to hear your thoughts on this manicure.
Till tomorrow, stay safe and much love..


  1. omg Tracey I love this! its so groovy and great for summer fun BBQs :) xx

  2. Thank you. Its been my favourite one so far this week x