Monday 1 February 2016

Moyou Nails Square Plate Review

Square Stamping Plate 409

Wow! Can you believe we're in February already! So with Valentines Day fast approaching the next Square Plate from Moyou Nails is perfect, and also my favourite from the entire collection. Plate 409 has a gorgeous range of single heart images and wings.

How amazing do these designs look. I love every image on this plate, the different patterns in each heart are incredibly detailed and etched perfectly. As I was stamping on paper I was talking and smiling to myself at how well they stamped and looked!

I couldn't wait to get started on my 3 mani's, and here they are.. You can find all Moyou Nails Polishes here.

Making a orange and white sponged gradient, this animal print heart looks stunning, even with Tigger!

The kissing lip heart looks awesome, and totally perfect for Valentines Day.

This mani I absolutely love! Took a while to do making the reverse stamped decals and filling them in with Moyou Nails Neon polishes. I stuck to my nails with foil glue. The black and multi coloured hearts looks amazing over the white base.

If you like this plate as much as me then head over to Moyou Nails website and use my 20 % discount code traceysp at the checkout. 

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  1. What a great stamping plate for Valentines Day, love your colorful heart design!

    1. Thank you, it's an amazing plate and that's my favourite mani too x

  2. I am so in love with the lip mani! Awesome!

  3. I love the heart images. And your manis turned out super cute! Love them!

  4. I love the music heart pattern! This is a great plate for Valentine's Day!

  5. Oh my gosh that is a beautiful stamping plate! I love all of your designs!

  6. So much variety there and I love how you paired them together!

  7. I absolutely love the colored hearts you did!

  8. This is a great plate for valentine's!

  9. This is such a versatile plate! I love everything you did with it here.

  10. I really like the lips, they look great!