Monday 15 February 2016

Moyou Nails Square Plate Review

Square Stamping Plate 411

Not many plates left for me to review, and how quickly I've gone through them, posting every Monday and doing 3 different mani's has even surprised me. Anyway today's plate 411 from Moyou Nails has some very cute images. From horses to butterflies, a peacock feather to a super sweet looking owl.

How pretty and detailed does the birdcage look, and I love the horse shoe. Again for all my nails I have used Moyou Nails Polishes, I love how versatile these polishes are,  not just for stamping but gorgeous for painting as a base colour, to see the full collection click the link above. 

This peacock feather looks so pretty stamped in green it's so detailed. I added the red and blue detail to the top of the feather after I stamped on my nails.

I sponged Moyou Nails Neon polishes over a white base to create this colourful butterfly mani. These images would be perfect to make coloured decals. Added a matte topcoat.

Finally this blue is a beautiful shade and only took one coat. The horse shoes stamped with black and add dots with Emperor's Gold. Made a decal of the horses head and applied with foil glue.

This is my favourite as I love the blue base colour. 

Only 2 more plates to go from this Square Plate Collection and if you like any ore all of them, and the polishes then check them out on Moyou Nails website and use my 20 % discount code traceysp at the checkout. 

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