Tuesday 22 December 2015

Moyou Nails

New Metallic Polishes 

I wasn't planning to do this post as quickly as this, but I took advantage of the sun  making an appearance and brightening up what was a dull sky. I will be using these polishes in my future reviews with the Square Stamping Plates from Moyou Nails, but for now I have just swatched them.

They look stunning in the bottles, let's see what they look like painted.
First up is Emperor's Gold, a warm metallic copper shade. Highly pigmented and only needed one coat. It's such a pretty golden colour and would be perfect for anytime of the year. 

Majestic Violet is a beautiful highly pigmented metallic purple. Such an amazing colour, super pretty and only needed one coat. This would look stunning stamped over black.

Celestial Blue is another highly pigmented metallic polish is a gorgeous deep sea blue. This is just the perfect colour, deep and mystifying. Another one coater polish too!

Mystic Stone is a bold darker metallic silver polish, than say a normal silver polish. Amazing pigmentation, the brush strokes are an error on my part.

Lastly we have Crimson Sky, a pretty sunset pink and such an amazing shade. This would also look gorgeous over black polish, also a one coater.

All in all I'm super impressed with all of these metallic polishes. All highly pigmented, all one coaters and great to wear as a normal polish or to stamp with.
Here is my quick test on paper...

As you can see they also stamp perfectly. I used the Moyou Nails Rectangular Stamper and plate 222.

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FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the places you can keep up to date with Moyou Nails, and I hope you find this post helpful if you were wondering what these polishes were like.
I will be here on the 4th January with my next Square Plate review.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. They lookperfect for stamping ! I love the purple one !

  2. Wow I loved all these. Your nails are growing long touch wood

    1. Thank you, yes they are and I'm being extremely careful lol x

  3. These polishes are stunning and I love how you've swatched them over both black and white.

    1. Thank you so much for a lovely comment :)