Thursday 6 November 2014

New Stamping Plates.

Born Pretty Stamping Plate Dupe Or Not..

Hi there lovely people, hope you are all well. Today is just a quick post on some nail stamping plates that I waited for ages to be delivered. I ordered them from this seller on eBay and was led to believe from the pictures that they were Born Pretty Stamping Plates. They were a little cheaper than from the Born Pretty Store, but I this didn't set off any alarm bells in my head and I ordered 5 and even got a discount! 
So as I said they took about 5 ish weeks to arrive and on my first look I was happy. It wasn't until I went on eBay to leave feedback, that I noticed each plate looked different!! They are still nice and worth the price (not the wait) but a bit disappointed that the seller was misleading with their pictures. Even at one point one plate originally priced at £1.46 was re listed at £146.00!!!! I thought just a slip of the finger when relisting.
So anyway on to each photo, I'll put the pic of the plate as advertised, then the plate I received.

From all the plates number 9 is the one that has the most differences. The seller now has the new set of Born Pretty Plates advertised as well as this set still, there are some I like, but knowing that I wont be getting the proper plates, and how long I waited for these ones to arrive, I'm gonna give it a miss. Yes a good price but if I had known that the plates they are selling the older style plates, I really don't think I would have ordered these ones. So thats my lesson learnt! 
Well thats all for today, till next time..
Stay safe and much love..
*On posting this I was informed by someone on Facebook, that these are Born Pretty plates, just an older version, so I'm sorry if this post was misleading in anyway, this was not my intention.*


  1. There are two sets being sold by Born Pretty themselves - check out Tamira's blog where she talks about it. These are actually born pretty plates.

    1. Thank you, I just was told this on facebook, too, have updated my post as I honestly wasn't aware of this xx

  2. As you say, plate 9 has the most differences and if it was me I'd ask for a refund on that plate. Can't wait to see your designs Trace! x

    1. Normally I would but I waited so long for them to delivered I will keep it. I still can't believe these are the old style plates and I wasn't even aware, but Born Pretty didn't really make a loud enough shout that they were remaking them xx