Saturday 29 November 2014

W7 Polish Review

Tiffany and It's Christmas

Hey guys again I'm here with another review. This time two polishes that W7 sent me, called Tiffany and It's Christmas.

Tiffany is a pretty cream lightish Jade Green polish, and It's Christmas is a clear base packed full of red, green and silver hexagon and bar glitter. Christmas in a bottle!!

I started out with two coats of Tiffany. Great application, and it smoothed out as it dried leaving a smooth shiny finish. Drying time was quick to the touch, and opaque in two coats.

How lush does this look, and a great colour for the Spring. You can also see the colour is the same indoors and outside. I then topped this with It's Christmas, dabbing the brush over my nail to get more glitter.

I was pleasantly surprised how well these two polishes went together. Then I had an idea to paint my ring finger with black polish and re-apply the glitter.

I must admit out of the two polishes, Tiffany is my favourite, a lovely cream polish, I'm not a lover of glitter polish, but I do like how It's Christmas looks over the green. They both applied nice, dried quickly, and no overpowering smell. 
You can follow W7 on Facebook, and Twitter. They often run competitions, for make up and nail polish prizes.
I'll be back on Monday with my first Christmas nails for a Nail Art Challenge I joined on Facebook. And so begins the hectic month of so many different manicures and blog posts...
Till then stay safe and much love...

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