Thursday 13 November 2014

A2Z Nails...C is for Copycat

CopyCat Nails

Another week and letter in the A2Z Challenge Nails. This one was the hardest for be by far to choose what to do. I looked at so many lovely mani's and just couldn't choose what to copy. In the end I opted to wimp out and copy one of my own mani's from last year that I loved so much I kept on my nails for week! You can check out the original mani here.

I admit this time round though I swapped the red for pink.

I painted my nails with a polish matching the colour of the foil, and when dry applied the foil using foil glue. I did add a topcoat, but if you go lightly and quickly the foil doesn't crack very much. Its so so sparkly and just looks beautiful in the sun :) 
Added 4 strips of striping tape, pained with black polish and carefully removed the tape. Topcoated and done.

The effect of the foil under the black polish is just amazing. When I first did this mani I added a glitter holo polish to add extra sparkle, but left if this time as back then I wish I'd left my nails with this finish. Hope you like this as much as I do :) You can check out all the other Copycat manis here on the main hub page.

Stay safe and much love..