Monday 17 November 2014

Pretty by Quest

Ridge Filling Base Coat

Hello all, I'm here with a quick review for you all. Sadly not the review I was hoping to be doing, fingers still crossed for sometimes this week though. Today is a new base coat I bought yesterday. I needed a new one and one that filled ridges too, as I don't have the smoothest nails. I saw this one by Pretty in Poundland a while back,  and got 2 yesterday, as Poundland had their polishes for 2 for £1!! Even more of a bargain. 

As you can see is very creamy looking, and has a scented smell that's hard to describe, but it's not overpowering.

It also looks quite thick, almost like a polish. If you follow my blog frequently you will know I can't afford to spend a lot on polish and bargain buy. So most of the base coats I have used are from cheaper brands, and although they have been good, I've never had one as thick a consistency as this. One coat and it was a nice application but dried really streaky. I know I should have taken a pic, but honestly it looked that bad I just couldn't! Drying time was super quick, by the time I pained my right hand, the left hand nails were dry. I've always done two layers I'd base coat anyway, so I wasn't too fused having to do another coat with this one. I can say though the second coat did smooth the streakyness, and make the polish look so much better.
The ridges are still visible through this base coat, but on touch they feel totally smooth. As to the shade of this polish effecting the colour of a nail polish, I really hope it doesn't.

I'll keep you updated how I find this Basecoat, and would love to hear your thoughts on it, have you tried it or will you for the price?
Till next time, stay safe and much more love...

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