Thursday 6 November 2014

A2Z Nails Week 2

B is for Bold

Hello all again, and here we are with week 2 in the A2Z Nails Series. It took me a while to decide what to do for this letter. But after some thought I came up with a taped water marble manicure.
So after painting my nails white and when it was totally dry, I taped parts of my nails and did a black and clear swirl marble.

I left this to dry and top coated with a matte polish. No reason for this, I'm just liking the matte look at the moment!
Then using Sinful Colors in 24/7, a super bright almost neon Barbie Pink, I carefully painted the white parts of my nails. Silly of me not to take a pic, but I knew the next step to complete the look if this manicure would take me ages, I wanted to start as soon as I could. 
I used Silver Micro Beads and stuck them on one by one to separate the marbled part from the pink.
Yes mad to do that and as soon as I started I regretted it lol, but I knew it would totally complete the look.

I took these photos just after finishing the back breaking task, as I wasn't sure if adding a final topcoat would ruin all my hard work.
But as you will see it didn't. .yay...

Now I love how these look, but I know not having totally smooth nails will bug me so much, that if they don't start falling off I'll most probably pick the beads off!! 
Hope you like my B for Bold, take a look at the main hub page to see what the other lovely bloggers have done.
Come back next Thursday for the letter C, till them as always thank you so much for stopping by, stay safe and much love...