Wednesday 26 November 2014

New Stamping Plates

Saving the Pennies..

Good evening all, I was going to save this post till tomorrow,  but wanted to share with you all the new stamping plates I got today. Delivery was about three weeks from the ebay seller from China. They are cheaper copies of Moyou plates, and this has caused a bit of flaf on Facebook,  but if like me and you have to watch the pennies when your shopping, then these are a good buy. The only difference with these is they come without a plastic backing. But saying that they still look etched really well. These are the 3 I bought..

My cindy hand had the privilege of testing these plates, and I used these polishes for stamping and painting my nails.

I used all the plates, and can say they are really nice and stamp well. I have started to matte topcoat my nails as I've found the stamped image doesn't smear or smudge. Then I add a shiny topcoat. I took photos of both finishes...

I did find however normal nail polish remover cleaned the plates, but I could still make out the colour polish I stamped with.  So I tried acetone and it cleaned them properly. You can see how well they stamp :)
Hope you find this post helpful, and as I said earlier I have to shop on a budget and happy I got these.
I will also like to say as we are close to December, I have lots a mani's I'll be doing, so my blog posts may be all over the place lol.
Until next time as always stay safe and much love. .

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