Saturday 15 November 2014

Tartan Stamping Plates

Plates from Born Pretty Store

Hello all, hope you are well. Today I am doing a review and mani with a stamping plate I ordered ages ago from The Born Pretty Store, and they came yesterday! 

How awesome are the Tartan Images :) but which one to try first...
So I decided to try some stamping decals. I have never done this before, well that's a lie I have but they flopped terribly!
So on a disposable icing bag, which I had left over from when I made and decorated cakes, I made the decals.
The first set I filled in with holographic polish, the second with the more traditional red, green and gold polish, and here's how they looked when I applied them to my nails..

I love both these tartan nails, even though they are both totally different looking. Each image is etched perfectly and stamp beautifully.
I hope you like them to. I was also hoping to be doing a review for you all today, but sadly the items never came. So hopefully I'll be able to have that for you next week. On my nails I switched a new polish I bought. It's by W7 and called Black Cherry. Two coats and topcoat.

Sorry for a mix match blog post today, and for it being so late! But I wanted to share with you all what I've been up to the past few days. 
Have a fab weekend and fingers crossed for my review next week, till then stay safe and much love...

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