Thursday 20 November 2014

A2Z Nails Week 4

A2Z and D is for Dark..

Another Thursday and another A2Z Nails challenge, you can find all the other lovely bloggers manicures here on the main hub page for this challenge. So D for dark... well I actually wanted to do something on my nails last week and had no clue on what to do. In the end I did a simple gradient mani, with a twist and it wasn't till I looked at the next letter in the challenge that I realised it would be perfect.
The twist with this gradient is that I have used two colours, black and purple and the gradient goes from black to purple and back to black again. The black was Nails Inc. New York Noir and the Purple from Filthy Gorgeous called Pulp.

Now I do like the glossy look, but I also added a matte topcoat just to see what a different look I would get.

The purple seems to show up more with the glossy finish, but can still be seen with the matte.
Which one do you prefer? I'd love to know..

Well till next time, thanks for stopping by and stay safe, much love..


  1. I think I prefer the gloss finish, but the matte is very close. Loving these!

    1. Same for me I liked both finishes. but the glossy one won :)

  2. I think the matte looks gorgeous but the shiny version gives it an oil like feel. Like it's moving. They're both gorgeous x

  3. This is gorgeous Tracey!! The matte version is defo my favorite.

  4. I love both versions, I really can't decide!!!!! Amazing manicure. xxXXXxxx