Wednesday 19 November 2014

Pink and Black

Polka Dots and Lace

Hello lovelies I'm back again, but sadly with no review for you all :(  I have only had basecoat on my nails for 2 days in hope the polishes would arrive, and today decided to do some nail art, as it was sad to keep looking at my unpainted nails. I had to remove the Pretty Ridge Filler Base Coat, as when I went to paint over with polish the two coats made it too thick looking. I will try again with just one coat, even though it dries streaky and I'll let you know. But for this mani I used my normal base coat. The nail I have done was inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook by  Paraisodasunhas. It was such a pretty manicure, and I wasn't sure if it's been done freehand or with a nail wrap. Anyway I had a go freehand and I'm very pleased with the outcome.
I used all these polishes..

Beauty UK Black Out, Jess Pretty in Pink, Revlon Pale Cashmere, MUA Whitewash, Miss Sporty Goth me Black, Beauty UK Matte Topcoat, Miss Sporty Topcoat and a holographic topcoat I made myself, and I painted my nails like this...

On my ring finger I side swiped the tip with the Goth me Black sheer tint polish and used the matte topcoat to seal the black polish.

Then on top of this I applied a lace water decal.

On the same nail I side swiped in the other direction with the same pink polish as I painted the rest of my nails, and put white polka dots over the black nail.

I applied another coat of pink to cover the decal and added black stripes when dry. I went over the white dots with the pink polish. I did them white first so the pink would really stand out on the black.

I made a white bow stamping decal and added this to the pink on my ring finger, and used my homemade holographic polish over the pink nails. Top coated and finished!
So sorry if I've bored you with this but I wanted to explain how I recreated this manicure just in case you wanted to try it too. Here's what it looks like.

Something not season inspired but so pretty all the same, I really hope you like it. I love it!  I'll be back tomorrow with another letter in the A2Z Nail Challenge, so till then stay safe and much love..

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