Wednesday 2 August 2017

Thermal Polish

Peel Off Polishes 

I've been meaning to post about these polishes my daughter bought me as part of my Mother's Day present back in March! Yes how time flies...
So I made time and although they are nice, they also have a few bad qualities.
Firstly they have no names or real number colours. The pink was the best to apply, the red didn't even change colour and the black was a bit stringy like pva glue! But nevertheless the thought was there so I tried them.
They took about 10 mins to completely dry from a glossy to satin matte finish. But I did find if you applied in really thin coats, drying time was quicker, it just means layering the colour to get it full opaque.
The shift from black to grey was nice. You'll see in my video below live application of this black one, as well as the pink on my cindy hand.

If you are interested in trying these yourselves you can find them on EBay.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. I don't think I could resist peeling! It's too tempting! These are cute!

  2. That is super sweet that your daughter bought you polish! I like the shades she picked :) I'm also a sucker for peeling things!

  3. The peeling would bother me because I would pick at it too much.

  4. How sweet of your daughter! Too bad about the quality...but they still look good!

  5. Aw sorry about the meh quality. But, Yay for polish presents though!