Friday 18 August 2017

Charlies Nail Art

Pebble Nails

Howdy! Well all school uniform has now been purchased, now it's time to sort out things for my eldest daughter's birthday. It's all go go go here!
So for my usual Friday review for Charlies Nail Art today, I have a cute little bag of multi coloured pebbles.
For 89p you get a bag filled with different colour irregular pebbles. They are all a nice size, not to big and look awesome when mixed together. They stuck well with just top coat, but you could also use these with gel and acrylic.

Such a simple look yet completely stunning and unique. I think the all sorted colours and sizes helps make these pebbles look special, the colours all work nicely together, as do the different sizes and shapes.
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Have yourselves a nice weekend.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. These are really unique - I love how they fit together nicely.

  2. Adorable! It's like a tiny pathway for a pixie. 😍

  3. Oh these are so freaking cool!!! The placement has to feel a little tedious, but it is beautiful!

    1. It wasn't too bad once I'd sorted out the ones I wanted to use. Thank you 😊

  4. Those are super unique! I love them 😍

  5. Your placement is awesome! It's so prettt!

  6. I am really digging this look. You did an awesome job with placement.

  7. These create such a unique look!