Tuesday 1 August 2017

Born Pretty Store

Gold Decoration Wheel 

Well hello again! And welcome to my tiny space on the internet.Hope you are all well.
If you like 3D nail art and gold accents on your nails, then have I got the perfect item for you from Born Pretty Store.
This Gold Stud Decoration Wheel is packed full of tiny and very detailed metal gems. You could make so many different styled mani's with these. For my 3 mani's I have used the Sea shells over a beach style gradient and water spotted marble. The gold shells really bring this mani to life!

Next up I made some reverse stamped rose decals and used the gold leaves to add that extra dimension to this look.

Finally, and this would be perfect for Valentines day, the open heart gems. I stamped first using BP 61, then carefully placed the hearts over tacky polish, and filled them in with red polish and added a few dots

Just so many ways you can use each design in the wheel. If you fancy buying one yourself, don't forget to use my discount code BABX31.
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Thanks for stopping by and as always stay safe, much love....


  1. Wow, all gorgeous as always, but that beach mani is bomb!

  2. So many great decorations in one little container!

  3. I love how you added studs to your rose mani. I've never seen anyone do that before, and it looks gorgeous!

  4. Oh my gosh! Could you have made these any cooler?! Awesome!

  5. Wow the Valentine's Day mani is awesome!

  6. So many great uses of these charms!

  7. Gold looks terrible on me, but you pull it off so well! I love the beach mani!

    1. Thank you, some shades of gold polish clash with my skin tone too x