Saturday 26 August 2017

Kiara Sky

Rainbow Dipped Nails

With everything that's happened this year, my hubby getting a new job, our cat having kittens, decorating the whole house, and of course all my reviews, I completely forgot to review a few colours from the dipping powders from Kiara Sky.
So today I made sure this was the one and only thing I did and decided to try an ombre look with 3 stunning dipping powders.
The pink is Pink Slippers, the purple is
Iris and Shine, and the blue is Skies The Limit. So after prepping my nails, I carefully created my rainbow ombre, but dusting each colour onto the wet base. I topped with with a irridescent pigment. 

Super pretty on its own and these 3 colours work together so well. But I felt it was missing something, so stamped with this tropical image...

I really like how a spec I'd of each colours pops through the stamped flowers and leaves.
These Kiara Sky Dipping Powder are so nice and easy to use, and to remove, it's just like a soak off gel mani. Buff off shine, then wrap in foil with cotton wool and acetone. I also like to cover my cuticles with oil before soaking off.
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Have a great weekend  :)
Stay safe and much love...