Tuesday 22 August 2017


Water Decals

Hey guys, things are a bit hectic here, I've got this week's reviews all done, but no posts written! Got so carried away doing my nails, how this part slipped my mind....
Anywho I have another 2 floral water decals from Milvart today, a pretty blossom with golden detail, and a super cute forever friends bear.
Both applied over a white base, and just look so pretty. They look like a solid colour, but once you slide then from the backing, you'll notice they are transparent, and that's how the show up so well over white polish. J57 was a bit tricky to photo, as it has so much detail with the flowers and gold foil swirls. One thing I like about these foil ones, is top coat doesn't ruin the foil effect.
N385, now how sweet are these! I love how the pretty daises compliment the cute teddy bear. This one is my favourite from these 2 water decals.
You can find Milvart on Facebook and
Instagram. If you love water decals, and how easy they can create a stunning mani then if recommend you go check out the amazing range over on Milvart website ♡
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. oh my goodness those teddy bears are adorable!

    1. Aren't they! I didn't want to remove them x

  2. I love the red floral ones! So pretty!

  3. I really like the gold filigree with the flowers. It's elegant looking and doesn't look like a wrap at all.

  4. Aww! The teddy bears are the cutest!

  5. Those bears! These are gorgeous on you, love!