Thursday 17 August 2017

IZ Beauty of London

Festival Survival Kits

Hey all and what an exciting post I have for you all today. My reaction when I first opened this box of goodies, was like a kid at Christmas lol, such cute packaging which you'll see below.
There are 4 survival kits available from IZ Beauty of London for £22, and if purchased the items separately would cost over £30!
I'll go through each box first.
Pink contains Main Stage gel effect polish, Pink Glitter and No Heat Patterned Neon Wraps.
Purple contains Glastonberry Gel Effect Polish, Purple Rain Glitter and No Heat Neon Stripe Wraps.
Blue contains Dancing in the Rain Gel Effect Polish, Mermaid Tears Glitter and No Heat Neon Diamond Wraps.
Orange contains Sold Out Gel Effect Polish, Tangerine Terror Glitter and No Heat Aztec Wraps. All of these kits also come with the original Dr Paw Paw balm, perfect for creating glitter hair and make up, as well as ensuring  your hands, nails and cuticles are soft no matter what the weather! And a UV glow top coat.
I received the blue kit..
It was like a lucky dip!

So you can see the goodies in the cute box, and first up swatched with 2 coats and the UV glow top coat is Dancing in the Rain Gel Effect.

Such a stunning colour, goes on so smoothly and self leveling. Nice quick drying time too and just look at the glow under UV light!!
For the Mermaid Tears Glitter, I mixed a small amount with some clear polish and painted it over my ring finger. As an accent nail it really compliments the blue polish. Down here with no topcoat.
If you don't mind a textured finish you can leave it like This, but for a more glossy finish I added a topcoat.

The Neon Patterned No Heat Wraps come on a clear backing and 20 different sizes wraps, you also get a nail file.
The all sorted sizes made it so easy to match the right wrap to fit each of my nails. They stuck well, but I found they can also be removed if your not happy with placement. They only stuck firm once pressed totally on your nails. I cut most of the excess, then used the nail glue to remove the rest.

These don't necessarily need top coating, but I did the the UV glow top coat,  and I love how these glowed under my UV light.
Finally we have the original Dr Paw Paw balm. This one is fragrance free, and as you can see from my photo below its a firm non dripping balm. Some ingredients are fruit oil, fruit extract, aloe and barbadensis leaf extract.
Just this small amount was enough for all my nails. Rubbed in nicely and was quickly absorbed into my skin, a noI n greasy formula that has thoroughly nourished my nails and cuticles.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter is where you can keep up to date with IZ Beauty of London, and if your off to a festival or party I hope this Festival Survival Kit helps your nails look their best for your party season.
Thank you so much for stopping by and as always stay in safe, much love....