Thursday 10 August 2017

Born Pretty Store

Chameleon Flakies

Well hello again.. almost at the end of yet another week! Today I have another review for Born Pretty Store, and I have a pot of beautiful Iridescent Chameleon Flakies. There are 5 different coloured flies to choose from and I have shade 1.
How gorgeous does this look. These Flakies are applied in the same way as other nail powders and pigments, they lay flat and have a smooth finish, but instead of a solid look, you get a larger flaky look, which is absolutely stunning. I applied these over regular black polish and a sticky topcoat, then sealed with a water based topcoat,  then a fast dry topcoat. The finish and look is amazing.

I then wanted to see how a matte top coat would look. What do you think?

Which finish do you prefer? For me it's the glossy. If you too would like a pot of these beautiful Flakies, don't forget to use my discount code below.
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