Friday 30 August 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Falling Leaves Nail Art 

So the nice hot warm sunny weather has gone, it was nice while it lasted, but it wasn't nice trying to get to sleep! This brings me nicely into my review today, on another set of full nail wraps from Charlies Nail Art.
Even though I slightly shortened my nails, I was still able to use these nails wraps, plus a bit of magic lol, with stiletto nails I cut off the excess and joined it to the tip so carefully that it doesn't really notice!
You also don't need a base colour for these nail wraps, so they are quick and easy to use and come in many different designs. These are priced at 89p.
Sealed with a glossy top coat and done! As easy as that with with nail wrap decals.
Why not use my discount code BNM15 over on the Charlies Nail Art website.
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Stay safe and much love.....