Tuesday 13 August 2019

Born Pretty Store

Neon Stamping Polish 

Today I have a review for Born Pretty but instead of from their website the items are from Amazon. 
I've been doing lots of dip powder just lately as I do love it! But before I share those items with you, I have first 2 neon stamping polishes.
The pink is called Look Back and I stamped over white with BP L050.
This neon red stamps with a pink tone, again using BP L050. It's called Wondering.
I then wanted to see how these were at not only a base colour but for reverse stamping. So I painted 2 coats of Look Back as an accent and used both fmto colour in this rose image from plate BP L067.
Here you can see the actual neon red, and both shades look gorgeous together. I added some bling, as well....why not!
You can also find these polishes over on the Born Pretty Store website, Look Back item number 46659-5 and Wondering item number 46659-7. There are also other shades available.
So if you do get these from their website, please remember to use my discount code BABX31.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the place you can also find Born Pretty .
Stay safe and much love....


  1. The pink looks like a good stamper, although the red doesn't come out very red!

    1. I thought the same though it's still a nice colour x

  2. I would have expected the neon red to be a bit brighter. But it looks fantastic with the reverse stamping.