Friday 23 August 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Cherry Nail Art

With the weather getting warmer for this Bank Holiday weekend, what better way to enjoy it than some nice refreshing fruit nails, and these cute Cherry Charms from Charlies Nail Art are just perfect. They come in pink and red with green stem detail, you get 2 charms that have a flat back and measure 7mm x 7mm for only 35p.
How cute do they look! So to my nails,  I started with a white base and with red polish added pairs of dots to represent cherries, added green stem detail and a white highlight. I left gaps on 2 nails and when I applied a matte top coat I added the pink cherry charms.
Even with a flat back the stuck really well and really completed this look. Such a pretty Summer mani, while we still have some warm sunny days!

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Stay safe and much love....


  1. I'm not sure I like the colouring of the charms, but you've made some very cute nail art with them!

    1. I agree in a way the red would have looked better, but then I could have done pink cherries!

  2. These charms are really cute! They go perfect on top of your already adorable mani!