Friday 9 August 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Mermaid Pearl's

What a week! I've done so much yet it feels like I haven't... may be as yet again this weeks has flown past, and how I wish time would slow down, just a bit!
Anywho, I'm here with my regular review for Charlies Nail Art, and have some fun Mermaid Pearl's. You get 100 pearls in a resealable bag for 89p, and they measure 2mm to 6mm.
So what better look to create than an under water Mermaid inspired. I started off with a blue base to which I added some iridescent pigment, stamped the seaweed then added various size Pearl's in each blue and purple colour.

I applied them with my regular topcoat and they adhered nicely and completely finished this look. Wasnt entirely sure if I'd like it, but I can honestly say I absolutely love it plus got many compliments while food shopping!!
You can find these pearls and much much more over on the Charlies Nail Art website,  plus when you make an order please use my discount code BNM15.
You can also find them on FacebookTwitter
and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love...