Wednesday 14 August 2019

EC Cosmetics

Dip Powder  Colour Block 

Hi guys. I'm so lost with my days when my daughter is on school holidays! But how fast time is going, she'll be back at school soon!!
So today I have some more dip powders from EC Cosmetics on Aliexpress, these can also be purchased on their website. 
As I have 2 creme colours I wanted to do another colour block look, and picking a 3rd glitter dip also from EC Cosmetics I was ready to start.
Shade 64 is red, 48 pink and 90 holo silver glitter. You can find these dip powders and dip liquids on Aliexpress and EC Cosmetics.
So to my nails, you'll see from my photos exactly what I did, and if you like to watch my create this mani, my video will be at the end of this post.

Each of the colours work perfectly together and the added bling completes the look.

I love the glossy finish you get with the dip powder liquids, dipping your nails is so easy to do and there are many different ways to achieve different looks.
You can find EC Cosmetics on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.


  1. I recently got a dip powder to test, but I don't really know how to begin with using it! They only included the powder so I don't really think I can use it for dipping - maybe just buff it on like the multichrome powders.

  2. Oooohhh I love how this colored block look turned out!