Thursday 8 August 2019

EC Cosmetics

Glitter Dip Powder 

I'm back today with another sparkly dip powder from EC Cosmetics from Aliexpress. 
You can purchase these pots of dip powder individually or the 3 dip powder liquids and one pot of dip powder as a set.
So the pretty shade I have today is 53.
An absolutely gorgeous glitter pinky purple colour.
Cindy is proud to show this stunning dip powder. Using the EC Cosmetics dip powder liquids and I dipped twice. This was enough for perfect coverage, and as I'm used to dipping my nails I get a super smooth finish with hardly any need for filing!

Dip powders are so easy to do and can be soaked off like gel polish, if filed off with an e-file.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. A super-glittery mani like this is so great for summer with its long, sunny days!

    1. Oh yes, plus its absolutely stunning in the sun 😊

  2. I bet the sparkle in this is blinding. So gorgeous!

  3. The sparkle really stands out! Great color too.

  4. The sparkle in this is just so pretty!

  5. Absolutely stunning! I should really look into dipping powder, I love your manis with it so much!