Thursday 15 August 2019

Nail Art UK

Purple Flower Decals 

Nail Art UK stocks many fabulous items from nail stickers, water decals to nail vinyls and stamping plates. Today I have some very pretty purple flower water decals.
The look I create was inspired by a picture I saw on the Nail Art UK instagram page, but instead of doing a solid base colour I did a gradient. 
These Purple Flowers come in different sizes, and I applied 3 to each nail as you will see below, and I finished with a matte top coat.

I actually received so many compliments while out getting some milk! I must admit I really do love how this looks. The purple flowers over my purple to white gradient and the matte finish is just perfect.
You can find Nail Art UK over on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. I love how you matte the decals. Loving that gradient too!

  2. Your gradient is absolutely stunning and the decals the perfection addition!