Thursday 8 January 2015

A2Z Nails are back!!

I for Inspired

So hello and welcome to the first A2Z Challenge of 2015! This one had me stumped for a while, I had no idea for any inspiration. Not until I saw a mani on facebook by Narmai PiggieLuv. A sugar spun mani and it looked awesome. Here is Narmai's blog post for her mani.

I started out with my favourite black polish by Beauty UK.

Then added a Matte topcoat.

The polish I used for the sugar spun was Revlon doubled ended polish.

I dropped some of the polish onto an empty cotton bud pot lid and stirred it with a dotting tool, till it became gloopy. Then dragged the lines of polish across each nail. I did find this a bit tricky, and I did get some blobs of polish in some places, but I'm sure with some practise I will get better at this effect.

I do love this look, and didn't add another topcoat as I didn't want to spoil the effect. 
Hope you like it too :) And don't forget all the mani's from all doing the A2Z can bee seen at the main hub page here, and let's take a look at the other I for Inspired mani's.
Till next time stay safe and much love..


  1. Beautiful. I love the look of matte black

    1. Thank you. I'm loving a matte finish at the mo x

  2. Love this mani. I've tried it using Narmai's tutorial before but yours is so much better than mine was - really stunning x

    1. Thank you so much. I think Narmai's looks fab, better than mine!! Xx