Sunday 18 January 2015

A.A. Milne's Birthday

Eeyore Nails

Hello lovely people, and here I am again with another instagram nails challenge. I know A.A Milne if famous for Winnie the Pooh and he is such a cute bear, but my favourite character is Eeyore, such a soppy and loveable character! The mani I have done was inspired by ProfessionalDQ. What this lovely lady paints on her nails is amazing, and when I saw her video, I knew I had to have a go, and it includes patchwork as well, which as you know if my all time favourite look on nails.
I did a pink and white swirl water marble with Sinful Colors Snow me White and Cotton Candy.

Then with these acrylic paints I freehand painted Eeyores face on my thumb and hearts on my fingers, then added all the details.

Then added topcoat, which smooths out and seals the paint.

I was very unsure if the colour paint I mixed to make Eeyores colour would go with the pink and white swirl water marble. But was pleasantly surprised on how nice they go together. Something I wouldn't normally do, but am thinking of trying a water marble with another patchwork watch this space...
Stay safe and much love...