Saturday 3 January 2015

News Year's Resolution

Freehand Nail Art

Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. Just a quick post for today, again for the Instagram nail challenge. This one was a tricky one, and it wasn't till I had finished my nails that I realised I could use it for this News Year's Resolution Challenge!!
So my Resolution is to try out new nail designs/art that I haven't tried yet, and here's the first..
My freehand Snakeskin Nails. I started with Wet 'n' Wild Candy Purple as a base colour, although you can't really see it when the design is finished, so in some respects a bit pointless really!!

To this I sponged black, silver and white acrylic paint over each nail randomly,  and with a very fine striping brush added some stripes in white then a water down black paint.

They came out much better than I was expecting, and I can't stop looking at them lol. Not sure how they would look with a matte finish, but for now I like this shiny one, and so happy with them.
Now to think what to do next...

Stay safe and much love...