Saturday 31 January 2015

Galaxy Nails

Last Challenge for January

Well hello to you all again, and welcome to the last nail art challenge for this month that I have been doing for instagram. I don't want to say it...but how quick did the first month of 2015 go!! And not long time my first granddaughter is due :) It's getting very exciting as its getting closer..
So the last challenge today was Galaxy Nails for the 1st US Satellite. Now I did say I wanted to try new things this year with nail art, and this is one of them. Even I can't believe I have never done a Galaxy Mani before!!
The polishes I used were:
Beauty UK Black Out, Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, Spoiled Mind you own Beeswax, Polish Love Screamin Fuchsia, Revolution no named green and Sinful Colors Ciao Bella.

La Femme Fairy Dust.
I started with a black base and matte coated it.

Then with tweezers and small pieces of a makeup sponge, I dabbed white acrylic paint first were I wanted the nebulas to be, then added the different colour polish. 

I added one coat of La Femme Fairy Dust for extra starry effect, but it didn't seem enough to me, so I applied one coat of Beauty UK Twinkle Twinkle.

Topcoated with Sally Hansen 30 second insta-dri and done!

Im so so happy with how this turned out, and especially for my first attempt at Galaxy Nails :)
What do you think?
Thats all for now, so have yourselves a great weekend, and as always stay safe and much love..


  1. Thank you for a fabulous page :) also congrats. Xxx like you I used to be a nail bitter, but got into nail art. I go once a month to a nursing home and do their nails for free, the ladies love it. :) I also have a Facebook page if you would like a look .. it's.. Milly_xoNails. Xxxxx

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment. Off to check out your page now :) xx