Thursday 1 January 2015

First post of 1215!

Happy New Year!!

Well hello all on this new day of a new month and a new year!! Hope you all had a great time, I did :)
So after a busy December with lots of different nail challenges, I find myself once more doing another challenge through January, and there's me thinking it would be a quiet start to the new year lol...

This is the challenge on instagram, and although I will still be doing my nails, I think this will be the last challenge I take part in for a while, as come February my daughters baby is due :)
Anyway back to my Happy New Year Nails..
So I wanted to go bold and bright for this one, and try something out I have been working on. My own holographic topcoat. I ordered some Spectra-flare from Gnarly Nails on ebay. Delivery was very quick too, but while I was waiting I made one using my Gosh holo and Perfect Silver holo polish, by tipping some of each into a clear polish.

The black lid bottle is made with the silver holo polishes, and the white lid bottle I added some spectra-flare.
Not sure if I have added enough, but didn't want to go overboard when adding it, so this is still a work in progress. But applying direct to your nails will give an awesome look.
So after painting my nails white I applied 2 coats of Models Own Bubblegum. An awesome pink polish!




Now for the holo topcoat. I painted the polish made one an all nails apart from my ring finger, this one I painted with the spectra-flare one...

I was hard to capture on this murky day, but they both have a definite holo-ness to them, but the polish made one has more of a linear holo look, which is what I was after. I will try the spectra-flare direct on my nails at some point this month, but for now wanted something easy and bling!!
Whats on your nails for New Year? Feel free to post your photos to my facebook page.
Till next time, stay safe and much love...