Sunday 11 January 2015

Red Nails for...

Amelia Earhart Day

Good day to you all. I'm liking all these challenges just lately, although I admit I have missed a few as I have been busy here. But for today's one, its another for the instagram challenge, and for the first female aviator who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean!! Girl power back in the 1900's :)
Although I have heard of her it was the actress who played her in the film 'Night in the Museum 2', that made her more remember I guess.
So for my nails I have used a new and used polish I got for Christmas, and an accent finger with nail foil.

No name for this polish, but a lovely red colour all the same. I chose red as this was the colour of the plane that Amelia flew, according to the film anyway! Here it is with two coats and no topcoat.

Then I applied the red foil and topcoated.

A beautiful polish both for colour and application. Drying time was quick and no smell. And I think the addition of the foil makes this look so pretty for a plain (no pun intended!!) mani.
Off to prepare for the next challenge, so thanks for stopping by and stay safe and much love..

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