Friday 18 April 2014

Reviews and Swatches

Polish Swatches and Thinner Review

Happy Good Friday to you all :) This is the second of two posts today, yes I have been very busy swatching 7 new polishes I was lucky enough to buy yesterday, but also trying out for the first time a nail polish thinner I got from Amazon. So lets start with the polishes first, these are what I bought, from three different pound shops.

Starting with the Pink Tease Neons first, I knew these would have a strong smell but I was swayed by the colours. Application was nice, but the yellow needed three coats. Drying time wasn't to bad, and as I thought they did smell, but the colour is amazing over a white base. No names or numbers for these polishes either!

Such bright and vibrant colours. Although the photos show it as an orangey shade, it is more red. The yellow also looked green at certain angles, and the blue is just awesome!! All two coats, apart from the yellow, as I said that needed 3 and no topcoat.

Next up another two Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild.

Mind your own Beeswax and Violet Femmes
Yellow not being a colour I normally wear on its own, but as these were doubled bagged, so 50p each, I couldn't leave them in the shop! Tried something different while swatching these two. I have painted my pinky and ring finger with just a basecoat on the nail, middle finger I painted white, and pointing finger I painted black. I wanted to see how this polish looked layered and alone.

  Violet Femmes first. Very sheer own its own and would need more than two coats as I painted to make the bottle shade. A very nice baby pink over white, but its over the black that I think this polish comes to life! Almost a duo colour effect.

Mind your own Beeswax again would need at least three coats on a natural nail. Very bright over a white base, and just a no no over the black, well for me anyway. Application for both of these was really nice and drying time too.

Last but by no means least two from Filthy Gorgeous. 

Pulp and Heavy Metal
I have a few of these that I have seen in poundland, and at that price they are a real bargain from the normal retail price! As soon as I painted Pulp, a rich purple I was in love.....such a beautiful colour. Take a look.

Two coats and no topcoat. A beautiful glossy finish and an amazing colour. Great application and drying time. I wanted to see what this would look like with a matte topcoat.

Changes the shade of colour slightly, but gives a suede effect rather than a matte one. Still looking awesome though :)

Now onto the Nail Polish Thinner. The first time I have ever tried one and took me a while to choose what one to buy as there are plenty different ones around. I've also heard that some can contain some not so good ingredients! The one I found on Amazon is called Sparitual and is Vegan friendly. The two main ingredients in this one was the main reason I bought it.

So I quickly tried it out on a La Femme White that had gone all thick and gloopy. It says to add 1 to 2 drops of this thinner and add more if needed. So first time trying I added 4 drops and shook the polish. It was hard to catch in a photo how thick this polish had become.

After adding just 4 drops and shaking, and the polish was so much better, and really like new :) This product didn't really have a strong smell to it although it does say to use in a well ventilated area. So happy with this buy and will last me for ages if all I need is 4 drops at a time when needed.

Well that's all for today. Got to think what to do on my nails for tomorrow lol. Thanks for reading, stay safe and much love...

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