Thursday 3 April 2014

Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild

Bargain Polish Review

I wasn't planning on doing this post! I treated my nails to some TLC earlier today and so Happy with how they look naked lol. What do you think?

Anyway on Tuesday I went polish shopping :) My last polish haul for a while. Whilst looking in Poundland I noticed that had some double packed polish called Spoiled, 2 polish for £ really can't go wrong, especially as they are by Wet 'n' Wild!! I would have loved to have got more, but sadly they only had 4 different colours.

So on with the swatches, all two coats and no topcoat..
First up is the yellowy/orange one called Designated Driver. I think you could get away with one thick coat of polish if you wanted, but I did two thin coats. Nice to apply, the only down side is the brush, a bit on the big side, but I can live with that lol..

Next is the the purple, the name of this made me chuckle :) 2 week sober. Again an easy one coater. Such a great shine with no topcoat. Drying time is not to bad.

Pink is the next one called Fuzzy Dice. An almost neon pink, but a gorgeous colour and wicked shine. 

Lastly is Tattle Tell, a shimmery baby pink. I think this one would be the hardest to wear alone. As you'll see this is two coats, but you can still see the nail..Which gave me an idea....

I left my little finger with this polish, and painted the other three with the previous three colours. Then I painted each with Tattle Tell. Even though this is a pink polish, just look how it goes with all the colours :)

Shame the sun wasn't out, as I'd love to see the shimmer from this polish. Maybe another day. Overall these polishes are great, although I shouldn't  I will be on the look out for other colours! I'm also going to try water marbling with these, so maybe another post on the way!!
Have you heard or got these? Let me know what you think... till then stay safe and much love..

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