Wednesday 9 April 2014

Nail Polish on a Budget

Own made Sheer Tint Nail Polish

 and other swatches.

Hello lovely people, I'm here today with a double and photo heavy post. I've been really busy for the first few days of the school Easter Holidays. For those of you who possibly haven't heard, I'm in the process of writing my first book on Water Marbling!! I'll include a sneak photo of one the of the designs that will be in the book at the end of this post :) So where to start now.. first up some quick swatches of three of the new Rimmel Sweetie Crush. A beautiful range of pastel textured shimmer polish.

Candyfloss Cutie, Violet Swizzle and Blueberry Whizz.

Candyfloss Cuite

Violet Swizzle

Blueberry Whizz

These are not only pretty colours for this time of year, but also just the right amount of textured finish, and the shimmer in the sun is awesome :) I found the brush a big big, was taking my time was still able to paint my nails ok, even my pinky! All two coats here.

Next up I have the four of the new Barry M Aquarium Collection.

Caspian, Arabian, Pacific and Mediterranean.

As I wasn't sure how long the sun was going to be out for I quickly paint each colour on one nail, two coats, and it was nice to apply although I did find the brush a bit on the small side. But what a wicked looking polish :)

Now onto the exciting bit of the post :) I have seen the new OPI Sheer Tint polish, but being on a no buy now, there was no way I was going to get them. So I bought some cheap French Manicure kits from my local pound shop, not only for the clear polish but the white too as I use alot of this colour. Messing around with some polish and the clear, I made my own sheer tint polish!! I just dripped about 5/6 drops of a colour polish into the clear and shook it to mix. 

I made these colours first, but wasn't happy with the purple as I think I put too much colour into it, so still having a spare clear I made it again, and a colour that I though was missing from this rainbow...

I also wondered how a holographic would looked mixed with some clear polish for a holo topcoat, this is my attempt..

And this is how they all look on my nails, just a one spot of each over white nails, with no topcoat.

And with the holo topcoat I made..

I think they look so pretty and great for Easter. Ok not so much of a holo effect but you can still see a small rainbow shimmer in the sun :)
Now the sneak peak photo of a water marble design that will be in my book! Also the holo topcoat I made..

Well if you made it here, thanks for reading all this :) Hope you found it interesting.
Stay safe and much love..


  1. Love these colours great post interesting and fun to read :) x

  2. wow, Tracey - thats a fantastic post!! And such pretty colours! And how the heck did you manage to get sun, lol!!!!

    great blog and i know you may have already been nominated for it, but a good blog is a good blog and ive nominated you again for the versatile blogger :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Claire, I enjoyed doing this and writing the post :) Thanks also for the nomination, I will sure take a look when I have time as I'm still busy writing my book!! xx