Tuesday 22 April 2014

Food Inspired Nails

Yummy Sweets

I really wasn't planning on doing my nails today, but as I am joining in with Food Inspired Nails on Facebook, I've been wanting to do this nail art for ages! Its inspired on two things, not only sweets that I like, Jelly Beans and Jazzies, you know those chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands on them :) Have you guessed it yet? The other thing is its the most annoying game that I used to play on Facebook!! Yes Candy Crush Saga. 
I swatched a new polish as well from a new range by Collection called Work The Colour. The shade I used is called Baby Blue. A beautiful polish, nice size brush and great application. This is only one coat and no top coat.

I painted a thin white line around the outside of each nail, and added small pink lines.

Then with acrylic paint I added the sweets, random on each nail. This is with no topcoat.

It still amazes me how adding a topcoat not only smooths the acrylic paint, but makes the design come to life!

For a quickly painted nail art that wasn't planned, I'm liking these very much :) What do you think?
Stay safe and Much love...

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