Saturday 19 April 2014

Easter Flowers

Neon Flowers Nails

Hello all again! Just a quick post today, as I have done my nails but not sure if I like them. I wanted to do another Easter manicure, but also be a bit different with it. So I have done some freehand flower nails but neon instead of pastel shade. I used Hedy's Manishma Matte Neon Bright Polish for this mani.

Bolts of Blue, Nuclear Pink, Rocket Green, High Voltage and Lightening
Started with a white base, and painted random size and coloured flowers on each nail. Looked ok while I was doing it, but then when I had finished and topcoated them, I really didn't like them! Not sure if its the neon colours or that I had a different look in mind and it never turned out like that. Would really love some feedback of this, even if like me and you're not that keen on them. Let's have a look....

Totally undecided in what to do with this mani, so there might even be a second post today! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend, whatever you might be doing :)
Stay safe and much love...


  1. I love this mani hun the colours are pretty and bright :)

    1. Thank you Dawn, still deciding whether to keep it on or do another mani..... xxx