Saturday 5 April 2014

New MUA Polishes

Brand New MUA Nail Shades for SS14!

Good morning to you all :) Yesterday I received a surprise parcel from MUA! Inside was their six new nail polish shades. I couldn't wait to swatch them and see how well they would water marble. I was also so happy to see they have bought back the black polish, as this is also awesome for nail art stamping. So to the colours.

Red Rose. Pitch Black, Bullet, Cherry Bloom, Leap Frog and Sweet Peach.
Red Rose - a true red tone.
Pitch Black - deepest black.
Bullet - dark grey.
Cherry Bloom - deep pink.
Leap Frog - teal tone.
Sweet Peach - soft orange.

The first thing I noticed when I started painting my nails, is to me I think MUA have changed the formula slightly. Not in a bad way But a great way! The polish was more opaque with just one coat, and drying time seemed quicker. Hats off to MUA for this :) So for the swatches, first up is Red Rose. MUA described this as a true red, and boy they are not wrong. Two coats and no topcoat, and just look at that shine and sexy red colour!

I quicked added some black dots using Pitch Black..

And on to Pitch Black, again another awesome polish, just one coat on my nails, but still enough for full coverage and the same shine finish.

Bullet is up next. I wouldn't say this was a dark grey colour and two coats on my nails. Again no topcoat so you can still see the natural polish finish. 

Cherry Bloom was the one I was looking forward to trying, and I wasn't disappointed! An awesome pink shade, some what neony, with a super glossy shine. Two coats and no topcoat.

 Normally teal shade polishes don't really suit my skin tone. So I was surprised when I painted them with Leap Frog! A beautiful shade, glossy finish, again two coats and no topcoat.

Last but by no means least is Sweet Peach. A somewhat pastel shade of the six, but still a pretty colour for this time of year. Same finish as the others :)

So what are they like for water marbling?
I painted my nails with two coats of All Nude, taped with masking tape and filled a paper cup with room temperature bottled water.

At first I was only going to use three of the colours, but then changed my mind and used all six. I did a striped pattern and used two different polishes at a time for each nail. Now yes they still spread in the water, and yes you can still water marble with them, but I found the polish dried quicker on the water, so I had to work faster than normal. The lost some of their shine, so I quickly topcoated them, and it sadly smudged some of the colours. I don't put this down to the polish, I think I let didn't them dry properly. Too impatient to share with you all!

All in all these polishes are still awesome! Not only for the price but for the quality of them. Great coverage and application. A quicker drying time (to me anyway). I will try water marbling with them again let the design dry properly, then topcoat it!! They are available online now from MUA,   And will in Superdrug stores nationwide from the 9th April.
What one will you be getting? Or have you already got them? Would love to hear your thoughts on these six new shades..
Stay safe and much love...

Done a quick test to see how well they all stamp. I can say the results are good :) Base is All Nude..

These polishes were sent to me to review and this is my full and honest opinion. 


  1. Have you tried this black, newer formula for stamping?

    1. Not as yet. I'm just about to do a test with all the new colours. Will post a photo on facebook soon and here later xx

  2. These polishes are gorgeous! Love the colours and the finish on them. And your water marbling is amazing. :)

    1. Thank you :) they are worth every penny xx

  3. Wish there was a superdrug around here!

  4. I love the water marble on your middle finger!! These colours look fab :)