Tuesday 29 April 2014

It's ready!!

My Book on Water Marbling Nails

No nails today, I'm still wearing my Black and White manicure! I have written in a few previous post about my book on Water Marbling Nails. Well I'm happy to announce that the book is ready!! It's taken me a while to put all together, marbling my own nails and tons of photos, and writing, but I have so enjoyed doing it. I'm printing and putting them together myself as I didn't realise how much even to self publish a book cost, and with circumstances here its money I haven't got. 
I made the first 5 as proper books, it was very time consuming and a lot of work to get them perfect.

I wanted a quicker way of putting them together, so now making as a flip over book. 

I start from the very basics, and show how to draw different patterns in the polish. Even how to make water marble stickers!
A sneak peak of  a few pictures inside the book..

They are £6 and free P&P within the UK. I also have a PDF downloadable link which is £5, which I mainly created for any international ladies that are interested. If you would like a copy or the PDF link please private message me on facebook.
Hope you like this post, would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave me a comment :)
I'm hoping to have some time to do a new mani before Saturday, but working on my book is taking all my spare time. So till next time stay safe and much love...


  1. Well this makes a process that looks overly complicated a little bit easier! I love the effect but never have the patience, you may have just swayed me though.... Water marble stickers sounds fun too! good luck with the book :)

    Lulu from The Lemon Unicorn http://thelemonunicorn.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

    1. Thank you so much. Its so easy to do, just trial and error! Xxxx

  2. Amazing idea hunny n well done for putting it all together yourself.....love the idea of a flip book esp easier with wet nails....going to try and get on next week if you still have any left xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much. Its taken all my spare time to do, the flip book still takes time but much easier to make. Feeling nervous now, I just hope people like them! I can hold one for you if you want me to? Xx